How to make a logo on Adobe Spark

I discovered Adobe Spark in a French lesson at school, and i quite enjoyed using it. in the past week or so, i have used it to make an account icon for my google account, and my friend at LivingInDisney wanted me to make her one too, which i did and she was rather impressed with the finished result. Also, go check her out here! Now, she also wants me to make a logo for her blog, so i’ll do that and pictures to show how i do it. I used Paint to do the pictures as i cannot put in screenshots 😦


  1. So i log in to adobe spark,which i wont show or this blog wont be anonymous (haha)
  2. I go to ‘My Projects’1
  3. I open the first one ( its blank)2
  4. I insert picture
  5. the picture uploads 🙂3
  6. Then i click on ‘Text’ and ‘add text’4
  7. Seeing as this is not what i want, i will go into ‘Font’ and change it to lobster. Then my friend decides she wants the name to be LivingOnDisney. I will also go into shape and scroll down to decorative.6
  8. It is too large, so i will scale it down.8

I will then send it to her to make it her screen!!!

Don’t forget to check her out here!!!!!!!!

Love you all unicornlings!!

LivingLikeAUnicorn xxx


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