Lala Land Review

(Re-updated Saturday 19th February & published FINALLY!! SORRY FOR THE WAIT)

I did say on a previous post that I would review Lala Land if I saw it. I saw it on Saturday, 4th February and I thought it was quite good 🙂 p.s: my adobe spark tutorial went live as well yesterday, so don’t forget to check that and comment xxxx

Read on for more info of lala land, but beware- there might be a few spoilers- sorry :)<3



I enjoyed watching Lala Land and I enjoyed the singing and dancing and it was different to a lot of films currently in the cinema. I had read a lot of mixed reviews about this film, some being 5★ reviews, however, there was a few reviews i had read with 1★.

This is a 12A in the UK, so it is ish-suitable for families, but there are minor bits of swearing and a heck lot of kissing. I think this would be a good valentine’s day film in some parts, but trying to not spoil anything, there is a part where Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) do have an argument, but other than that, I think it could be a good valentines film.

I feel that the ending was confusing slightly, you will have to watch it to get the flow of what I’m saying, so yeah.  It was unclear whether that flashback was Mia or Seb because they are both looking at each other as he was playing the piano.

This film is now one of my favourites as it has glimmers of olden-style film and it seemed quite nostalgic. I have read a lot of negative reviews, and a friend of mine said that they hated it and found it boring and the ending was really unexpected and that’s what ruined the story. However, I found this film enjoyable because it was very different to what’s on in the cinema, which is often quite violent or horror films ect.  I feel usually at the moment in the cinemas, the majority of films are 15’s or over, with few U’s or PG’s.

Hehe, hope you enjoyed it, and sorry it took so long to write- it might not be great

LivingLikeAUnicorn xxxxx




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