ok… i admit i’m slacking a bit. i was planning to blog more over half term (last week), but i got no wifi, so therefore i could not blog, yep in hindsight i probably should have scheduled something, but as you can see, i didn’t, but i have loads of pictures that i took to share with you lovely lot, so that will come asap. and i need to find my camera and the pictures will be up asap, i just need to sort ’em.


Victoria Sponge Cake

Hi unicornlings!

I did say i may upload the odd recipe here and there….

YOU GOT ONE! p.s there’s a picture of one of my finished ones!!

This recipe is James Martin on BBC GoodFood, and my go-to recipe for  quick sponge cake.

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This is my tiny corner of the internet where I shall be blogging!! I have always (well, since i even knew what a blog was lol) to start a blog!

This blog will be relatively anonymous, so i wont be posting pictures of my face or family ust fyi so please don’t ask 😀  Also, i don’t have instagram or twitter (yet) so there wont be any account links.

Is there a comments section??? If so, leave suggestions of what you’d want to see! I will do a survey soon!

Hope you enjoy this tiny corner of randomnosity, and i will post as much as often as i can!

I may bung the odd recipe here & there and various other bits ‘n’ bobs!

livinglikeaunicorn x